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Financial Statements

BECC's operating budget is funded by contributions from México, through SEMARNAT (Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources), and from the United States, through the Department of State.

Revenue (2017)

  • Contribution - USA
  • Contribution - Mexico
  • Contribution - EPA
  • Contribution - NADB
  • Contribution - MIF

Expenses (2017)

  • Salaries and benefits
  • Travel & transportation
  • Technical Assistance & fees
  • Other expenses

The annual operating budget is developed by BECC administration and reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. For fiscal year ended November 9, 2017 the Board authorized a budget of $6.3 million to support administrative expenses.

Environmental Protection Agency

In addition to its operating budget, BECC manages the Project Development Assistance Program (PDAP), which is funded by EPA’s US-Mexico Border Program, as well as several environmental management initiatives funded by EPA through the Border 2020 Program. The operating budget was subsidized by EPA funds, with nearly $890,000 to offset expenses related to administering PDAP and more than $208,000 for Border 2020. Additionally, during 2017, BECC expended $646,000 of EPA funds through PDAP and $358,000 through Border 2020 grants to support projects, technical studies, and related activities.

Audited Financial Reports

BECC’s consolidated financial statements as of November 9, 2017, were audited by the accounting firm of KPMG Cárdenas Dosal, S.C. in conformity with generally accepted auditing standards in Mexico. A summary of the financial statements is presented below. A copy of the auditor’s report with the consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes is available at the link below.