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English | Español

By strengthening institutional capacities through training and shared information, BECC and its partners develop strategic studies with the goal of identifying needs and project opportunities and improving the effectiveness of infrastructure program investments that could be supported by BECC and NADB.

What BECC Is Doing


BECC has developed specialized studies, needs assessments, and various publications intended to serve as tools to identify and implement environmental infrastructure projects in a variety of sectors.

Workshops & Training

BECC conducts key training and workshop events, with the participation attendees representing federal, state and local governments, academia and public interest groups.

Needs Assessments

BECC publishes a series of studies aimed at clearly documenting the existing environmental needs and opportunities in border communities.

Stakeholder Collaboration

To continue supporting border communities, BECC works on building relationships and partnerships with stakeholders in federal, state and local agencies, international organizations, academia, private and public sectors.