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Project Development Process

Projects may be submitted to BECC at various levels of development, from concept to final design; therefore, the pending development requirements are determined on a project-by-project basis and the defined tasks directly influence the time and effort required to complete this process.

BECC’s process, is designed to meet a top-quality development standard for the broad spectrum of environmental infrastructure project types promoted by both public- and private-sector sponsors, taking into account industry standards, regulatory or funding-source requirements and specific sponsor needs.

BECC and NADB have implemented aparallel and coordinated project development, certification, and financial approval process. BECC coordinates efforts related to tasks needed to accomplish technical, environmental and public participation requirements, while NADB facilitates efforts associated with the development of the project’s financial elements.

Project Development Activities

Projects that are presented having completed their necessary development tasks may achieve certification and financing approval in a shorter timeframe than those for which tasks are pending.

Project development activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Facility plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Design criteria
  • Public participation
  • Final design
  • Value engineering
  • Plans and specifications
  • Final construction/Operation and maintenance costs
  • Financial and legal analysis *

* Financial activities described are evaluated by NADB. The applicable financial policies and guidelines can be found at

Public‐sector sponsored drinking water and wastewater projects

A unique application and project development process exists for public‐sector sponsored drinking water and wastewater projects seeking grant funding through the EPA‐funded Project Development Assistance Program (PDAP) and Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF), which are managed by BECC and NADB respectively. Eligible projects are prioritized for grant funding assistance through a process typically carried out in two‐year cycles.