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Results Measurement & Closeout

BECC and NADB have implemented a results measurement framework as a systematic approach for establishing, monitoring and documenting the achievement of results related to the investments in environmental infrastructure projects.

The process includes development of a Results Matrix by BECC and NADB, in consultation with the project sponsor, which identifies a project objective, anticipated outcomes and related indicators, outputs as well as inputs and implementation activities.

For every project that is submitted to the Board of Directors for certification and financing approval, a Results Matrix is included. Time frames and methodology for measuring results and any expectations regarding information required from the sponsor are clearly defined at the time of certification and approval of financing in the Results Matrix.

Results Measurement:First Aggregated Report

Results Measurement Factsheet

Health Impact Assessment for Lower Valley Water District

Project Closeout Review

As part of post‐certification activities, a review will be performed to assess the project after it has completed construction in terms of meeting the goals and objectives established at the time of certification and financing approval. Normally, these efforts are conducted between 6‐12 months after the project has initiated operations.

The Close‐Out Process provides a review of physical facilities constructed, facility performance and achievement of objectives, as reflected in the results measurement matrix. BECC and NADB will notify project sponsors of information that is required to successfully complete close‐out and results measurement tasks.

The project sponsor shall provide the BECC and NADB with all information, documents and input necessary to support results measurement and closeout activities. This information could include infrastructure performance (i.e., connections, installed capacity,traffic counts),regulatory compliance, and financial statements.

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