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Technical Assistance

BECC provides technical assistance through grants or technical expertise that will promote the development of high-quality environmental infrastructure projects and initiatives that could access NADB funding or Border 2020 or other special grants.

Technical Services

Technical services for each project are provided by a specialized, multi-disciplinary project development team that has the experience to assist a project sponsor with a wide range of needs. These services are provided at no cost by BECC staff; however, the direct participation of the project sponsors in each service task is critical for project success and provides an ideal forum to strengthen their own institutional capacity.

In performing any service, BECC staff strives to provide a model for best management practices that can be routinely implemented by the project sponsor in all infrastructure projects.

No-cost technical services offered include:

  • Project scoping/strategy
  • Coordination with funding and regulatory agencies
  • Procurement services
  • Technical reviews
  • Bi-National coordination
  • Project management support
  • Peer networking/modeling

Technical Assistance Grants

Since its inception, BECC has provided $44.23 million in technical assistance grants supporting the development of projects in more than 160 communities.

Project Development Assistance Program (PDAP)

The Project Development Assistance Program (PDAP), for project development and design, and the Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF), for construction, are programs funded by the U.S. Congress through EPA and are administered by BECC and NADB, respectively.

Technical Assistance (TA) Fund

BECC's Technical Assistance fund has been designed to support the development of water and wastewater projects ineligible to receive PDAP funding, as well as all other BECC-NADB eligible project types.

Border 2020 Program

The Border 2020: U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program is a collaborative effort of the United States and Mexico to improve the environment and protect the health of the nearly 12 million people living along the border.

Border 2012 Program

From to 2005 to 2012, the U.S.-Mexico Border 2012 Program achieved its goals and objectives by completing approximately 200 environmental projects.