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Technical Assistance (TA) Fund

BECC's Technical Assistance fund has been designed to support the development of water and wastewater projects ineligible to receive PDAP funding, as well as all other BECC-NADB eligible project types.

Because these funds are derived from its operations budget, BECC has committed to incorporating cost-saving practices in all of its budget areas in an effort to increase the resources available for this special fund.

BECC works to facilitate projects, conceived by local, state, federal and private-sector sponsors, through an appropriate project development process aligned with its project certification criteria, NADB financing prerequisites, and other applicable regulatory or leveraging source requirements. This well-balanced process evaluates the environmental, technical, financial, and social feasibility of the proposed infrastructure investment and seeks long-term project sustainability for the sponsor, investors and the intended beneficiaries. Once a project sufficiently satisfies these elements, it is presented to the Board of Directors for certification.