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English | Español


This leadership team, each distinctly a national of either the United States or Mexico, creates a model for bi-national teamwork which permeates the entire organization. NADB's Managing Director is supported by a staff charged with facilitating projects, implementing programs and coordinating initiatives related to its mission throughout the border region. 

Staff is organized into the following directorates: 

Grant Financing

  • Development and certification for projects in all eligible environmental infrastructure sectors
  • Project promotion and coordination/facilitation efforts
  • Realization of close-out process to measure project results

Technical Assistance 

  • Development of regional planning
  • Management of environmental programs
  • Advancement of quality management initiatives
  • Implementation of BECC’s internal and external strategic planning efforts
  • Development of policy programs and procedures
  • Logistical support


  • Management of technical assistance
  • Budget administration and accounting
  • Management of information systems
  • Human resources
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Management of material resources

Public Affairs

  • Management of legal and policy matters
  • Support to the Board of Directors
  • Government and media relations
  • Outreach strategies
  • Publications