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Environmental Sectors

Projects addressed by BECC and NADB include, but are not limited to the following environmental sectors:


Long recognized as the sectors with the greatest potential impact on human health and environmental conditions in any community, including those in the border region, water and wastewater infrastructure projects continue to be one of BECC’s main priorities.

Solid Waste Management

In an effort to reduce waste generation and risks of waste/vector-related disease and harmful environmental effects of improperly disposed waste, BECC works with communities along the border to expand, improve, and manage solid waste services.

Air Quality

BECC certifies projects that improve the air quality to reduce the risks of respiratory diseases along the border region.

Clean & Efficient Energy

BECC has increasingly supported projects related to the generation of clean and efficient energy, as well as energy savings in general.

Emerging Sectors

BECC expanded its scope to include projects that focus on the production of goods and services designed to protect the environment.